Prime Image Engine

Time Tailor Roots

Prime Image was founded in 1985 by Emmy Award winning video engineer William Hendershot. Prime Image pioneered the development of the first video time reduction process in 1995. It was the first process that digitally and undetectably deleted unnecessary frames without video compression or compromising the integrity of the video, audio or closed captioning of the program content. With its introduction of the Time Machine to the broadcast market in the late 1990’s, Prime Image invented the time compression industry. Individual stations and station groups bought and deployed Time Machines in order to generate incremental revenue from their programming. Prime Image’s patented process delivered an extraordinary amount of value to its customers who realized that it provided them with a never before encountered level of accuracy to automatically reduce content length.

Superior content quality led Prime Image to become the industry standard for Time Compression. As the industry changed to a more centrally controlled distribution model, our market evolved from stations and station groups to channel networks, systems integrators, and post production specialists. Similarly our product evolved from the Time Machine to the Time Tailor.

Prime Image became a well known industry staple based on the impact its Time Tailor has had within broadcasters. While engineering departments at our customers jokingly referred to our time reduction process as “magic”, we were really just applying a proprietary analytical logic to examine and take defined actions on content metadata at its deepest level. Prime Image has extended the intelligence with our metadata engine to address industry applications across both new and existing delivery platforms.